Want to increase your online sales? Make sure the offer/discount you give is something rare. They will absolutely buy it!

The right copywriting will make your offer attractive
The right copywriting will make your offer attractive

Any offer that you make through copywriting for your business on the internet must be valuable to your audience. Make sure you do the treatments at the right time. In good timing, they will buy your offer, and for sure they will find it valuable.

Several years ago, a newspaper sales representative walked up to his boss, disgusted that his client wouldn’t buy the ad slot he was promoting. It turned out that the client last advertised five years earlier. “I didn’t get anything from my ads”, he said. The coupon was for a free coffee refill. Very common in restaurants. Honestly, who would bother?

“Come back and tell the person that we will run his ad for free if he fulfills the offer we made,” the ad manager said. From there, he proceeded to notify the sales representative of the newspaper. And informs the client that his ad copy will tell “Bring this with $ 1.00 cash.”

The client doesn’t refuse because he knows he will have too many buyers. What he ended up admitting to himself was that his ad didn’t work because the offer wasn’t attractive. Remember, this isn’t just for this owner, maybe when you’re planning to make your own great deal with your copywriting.

Create your offer according to the time needed to respond. “60-day free trial” is a pretty good deal for an online program.

What types of offers can your business make?

The key to getting your audience to buy your offer is to make it as attractive as possible. Can you afford to pay a few dollars in fees for your product or service? Or maybe you can make a solid warranty, making your product or service almost risk-free. Eliminating the risk from the customer to you will help with the suspension of your offer.

Whatever you decide to offer, honor the offer at all costs. Keep your promises. And potential customers will come and then tells the other.

If you’ve never done copywriting before, don’t worry. No one knows the products or services offered as well as you. Because you have a passion for the product or service you sell, you know it better than a professional copywriter. With a passion, it will help you when you do Copywrite for your online business. You will create the best offer your potential customer cannot refuse!

If you need help creating an attractive offer for your online promotion. Ask yourself, “What makes me buy?” Think about your answer. Can it be realized? If so, that would be a super attractive offer.

You’re supposed to make your offer available for a limited time (another great way to get people to act fast). It will be the best offer and might very profitable.

Add a sense of urgency to your offer to get people to act. If they put it off, they tend to forget about it. And you end up losing the sale. Adding a sense of urgency can be done by limiting the quantity or timing of offers or excess. For example, a special offer is only for 100 people who order, or an offer expires in 48 hours. You can even use inspiration to increase your sense of urgency.

In short, make your offer irresistible. Make a reasonable effort for the customer to place the order. Transfer the risk from the customer to you and add a sense of urgency. Then to fulfill what you have written in your field. If you do this, you will experience your sales skyrocket!