How To Get Best Traffic Benefits From Company Website, maybe you ask like that? This time we will discuss the Profile Digital blog, Best SEO Indonesia. By reading this I hope you can get the best traffic for your company, service or product. And also hopefully your income can increase.

How To Get Best Traffic From Company Website?
How To Get Best Traffic From Company Website?

Search Engines Are the Best Way to Filter Audience

We know, search engines are one-way the Audience finds you. Why are they searching, it’s the same as you searching right now? You want something, then you look for it in a search engine. Whatever search engines used is not a problem. This day most people use Google to search for something. Therefore, at least your website must be found on Google.

For that, you need to do optimization on the website that you have. It can do by optimizing standard tags, word counts, links to your website and increasing website speed.

But what exactly should you pay attention to? To help you, I’ve put together a list of elements for a good company website design that are also proven to help your search engine rankings increase.

1. Save important content at the top of 768px

This is a standard thing. There are even some opinions that some people don’t scroll down. That is a test that we do and can be different from what you do. We have seen various proofs repeatedly. So it’s best to keep important information in the top 768px. Our research shows that people spend 80% of their time at the top and 20% at the bottom.

This brings us to the topic of sliders, one of the most popular elements used on company websites. We rarely use sliders because in our opinion it is confusing. When users arrive at the top page and the page is dominated by sliders, a lot of important information is not conveyed.

Conversely, if you decide to use the slider, make sure that its position is justified. In other words, make sure that the slider is the most important thing the user wants to see when he arrives on your company’s website.

For example, it is best to use a slider to display the top products or top content on a website. That is justified in Entrepreneurs, but pay attention to how users can use it. That is another important factor that you must keep in mind when making sliders. A good slider can increase your revenue.

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